Collection of all things awesome. Ed 1.


I draw some line and call it a doodle. I don’t have the patience for too much else. These guys on the other hand…

Check out more!

2. I was graduating high school/ just entering college during the “great recession.” They say going to college is your first step out of the box you grew up in, but I think I was even more isolated. I knew the economy had tanked, but I didn’t fully grasp it at the time. Which brings me to my next, very humbling find: The Sharp Sudden Decline of America’s Middle Class (and yes, its worth reading all five pages). Now go count your blessings.
3. On a brighter note, bubbles on steroids!

I’m kind of a five year old sometimes. Don’t worry about. Check out the super easy tutorial here.

4. Sometimes I wish I remembered what the world was like before photoshop. No need to fret too much though, none of these pictures have been touched! Including this one:

5. Celebrity Gossip of the day: Adele’s Pregnant

6. And of course some food porn. Because those 3pm munchies are about it hit. (I’m torturing myself, too. No worries)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cobbler

Definitely making this on Sunday.

Made this last week. Totally changed my outlook on cherries.


Happy Friday!

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Pitt 4th year, loves grilled cheese and adventuring.
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